Collab: Chief Thomson & P. Carrado

Chief Thomson  P. Carrado - first opinionA collaboration with P. Carrado is this track: "First Opinion". As the name implies, it's our first collab. P. Carrado has been DJing a long time already and made its way into production a few years ago. So don't miss this one... More to follow I guess... the first opinion was cool.

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Soundcloud track: Never Forget

never-forget-coverListen to something new and different... it's pure dirt and trash and distortion, hehe. It honours the Tritone in my kind of way ;) So have fund and enjoy. The track is called "Never Forget".

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Soundcloud track: Eleven


Listen to some new sounds from me. Main lead synth is from Waves Element. Nice synth, like it a lot. The photo is actually a parking spot in my neighbourhood. That's why this track is called "Eleven".

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