Interview & Cd-Tipp: Naldo (Miami) – Close Encounters [EP] – Deep Tech Records

DE: Naldo ist ein junger Typ aus Miami, Florida, der es bereits einmal in meine Soundcloud Discoveries geschafft hatte. Ich war schon damals fasziniert über seinen Track “Close Encounters”. Nun hat er es geschafft, eine EP mit dem selben Namen auf den Markt zu bringen. Veröffentlicht wurde sie bei Deep Tech Records. Naldo geht als 13. Veröffentlichung des Labels hervor und dies mit einem bravurösen Start. Es ist die erste EP die von Naldo erschienen ist (January 23, 2012).

Wenn ich mir seine gekonnten Spielereien in den tiefen Frequenzen anhöre, klingt das als wenn ein Autofanatiker eine neue Corvette vor sich hat ;o) Hinzu kommt, dass er dem Namen des Labels voll und ganz gerecht wird mit seinen technoid gehaltenen, ausgeklügelten Beats.

Die EP beinhaltet 3 Tracks, wovon meines Erachtens “Viabovo” als Meisterstück heraussticht. Hört euch dieses Stück mit einem Kopfhörer an, welcher die tiefen Frequenzen im Griff hat und ihr werdet schnell verblüfft sein wie klar Subbasses wirken können, ohne dass sie zugleich matschig rüberkommen.

Als Newcomer in der Branche hat sich Naldo freundlicherweise auch bereit erklärt, mir in einem kleinen Online-Interview Red und Antwort zu stehen. Ich hoffe es vermittelt einen Eindruck von Naldo als Künstler. Das Interview gibts nur in English, damit die Message der Antworten erhalten bleibt. Und natürlich nicht vergessen zuunterst in seine neue EP reinzuhören ;o)

EN: Naldo is a young guy from Miami, Florida, who already made it once into my SoundCloud Discoveries. I was already fascinated by his track “Close Encounters”. Now he has managed to release a same-titled EP on the market. It was published via Deep Tech Records. Naldo ist so far the 13th release of the label and started with a big-bang. It is the first EP released by Naldo (January 23, 2012).

When I listen to his skillful games in the low frequencies, it sounds as if a car fanatic has a new Corvette in front of him ;o) And in addition, he completely did justice to the label’s name with his technoid held, sophisticated beats.

The EP contains three tracks, of which in my opinion “Viabovo” clearly stands out as a masterpiece. Listen to this song with headphones, which are capable managing really low frequencies and you’ll quickly be amazed how clear subbasses can act and at the same time don’t come across muddy.

As a newcomer to the scene, Naldo has kindly agreed to answer a few questions to Chief Thomson Blog. I hope it provides kind of a nice small portrait of Naldo as an artist. The interview is kept in English only, so the message of the artist fully remains. And right at the bottom, don’t forget to listen to his new EP ;o)

What’s the idea or the story behind your artist name?

Well It’s a shortened version of my middle name “Arnaldo” taking out the A and the R which gives you “Naldo”.

How long you already produce music?

Interms of Raw/Tonal music about 9 years, but digitally only 6 years.

How comes you started producing music?

I started producing Music at first to get ideas from my head into a recording so I could remember. This started when I was in my Metal Band and I wanted to switch up Guitar parts with Bass parts on a Program called Acoustica Mixcraft. From there I started experimenting with more Anolog Instruments and Drum Machine style sounds when I started messing around with FL Studio. After a few years I switched to Logic, Pro Tools, and currently I use Ableton to Produce my House/Techno/Nu Jazz/Hip Hop Material.

Do you do djing as well? If so, what kind of music?

Yes I do DJ, I started djing to understand how to make house/techno tracks. Its been A lot of fun due to the fact that the process of finding tracks is like a easter egg hunt, and then when you have a stack of great tracks you personally enjoy its fun to feel the rhythmic trance you get into and the improvisation involved when mixing them together. In terms of type, I really enjoy deep/tech/house, as well as Minimal Techno when I feel like mixing something very intense.

Do you play any instruments? If so, what instruments?
Yes, Guitar, Piano, and Violin.

Do you use real instruments (hardware stuff) in your music or is it only digital (pc generated) stuff?
I use everything, Its all about the modulation of sound, in order to create a fresh sound. I’ve used a few conversations; I’ve also recorded myself playing various instruments. I think there is a true art to sampling, the fact that it is something you have to do on your own makes different sounds blending very interesting as well as very time consuming and difficult at times to get it right; but it all pays off when I listen to a finished idea.

What is your favourite VST synth for production?
To me I have no Favorites I love using anything and everything with the right amount of tweaking, but some of the synth’s I’ve been digging lately is Massive by Native Instruments.

Did you study music or did you learn it by yourself?
I have studied music in a Conservatory setting for Jazz and Classical Guitar. But most of the production is all by ear and a little bit of observation from a pop label I did a few sessions of Guitar studio work for.

Is “Close Encounters” your first EP?
Yes, the Close Encounters Ep with Deep Tech Records, is my first official release under my alias “Naldo”.

How comes you signed for Deep Tech Records?

Well I’ve been talking to Duky who I’ve become to be good friends with. Duky is the owner of Deep Tech Records. We both have similar beliefs on what music we enjoy listening to and what music we make and the message behind our music.

What are your sources of inspiration in music?

Creativity, Courage and Improvisation is my main source of Inspiration in music. This is something I have gained from learning and performing tonal music throughout my early life. I also look at my surroundings, the music I put inside my tracks can sound very metallic while also containing harmony that invokes a emotion to the listener while making them shake to the swing inside the beat. Some of my favorite dj/producers from what I’ve seen/heard thus far have to be: Maya Jane Coles, Sven Vath, Duky, Loco Dice,, tINI, Chris Lattener, Gaiser, Ethyl, Flori, &ME, Ricardo Villalobos, Worthy, J. Phlip, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Lone, Pat Metheny, Miles Davis, and many more, these are just a few names that come to mind.

What are your targets in life? (meant musically)

To be able to make or play any genre of music. To me all genres have their good and bad songs. To me a good musician/dj/producer is a person who looks at a song they dislike and is able to remake that song/track into something that sounds great!

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